Art at the Inn

"Art is a particular human manifestation, as an end in itself, through proper free expression and authentic representations of rational and emotional."
"Art is the creation of non-existent".
"Art exists only what was taken."
- Ismael de Oliveira Guimarães.

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The art is present in a harmonious and dynamic, through screens by artist Romero Jussara composition.

The expression of the art of an artist reveals his choice:

"... look on screen the freedom to move colors and shapes. The reflection of what I imagine will be installing. There is no rational or premeditated action, follow the impulse, emotion, do not use themes, the expression is instinctive.. "-. Jussara Romero

In evaluating Rubens Oestroem that accompanies the work of the artist, the painting of visceral layers is characteristic of this art, which seeks, in the unusual way his progressive spirit:

"No conventional boundaries, composition or construction has the petulance of

disassemble, deconstruction, but retain moments of complete safety in the trajectory. "

Thus, the Inn aims to rescue the concept of art and creation, whether utilitarian or not, with symbols of our culture in its various forms of expression.

All parts that are on display in the hostel rooms are used as decoration but can also be acquired. See the front desk of the Inn.