Name, Logo and Slogan

The Jureremirim inn, seeking to catch a bit of our roots, was inspired by the indigenous tribes to the creation of its name and logo.

The Carijós Indians had a vision of the island based on what they saw.Acutia was the name given to the continent, Meiembipe was the name given to the island of Florianópolis, translated from Tupi as "mountain along the canal" and the channel or strait of water between the mainland and the island was known as Jureremirim, which translated into the Portuguese means "small mouth water".Recently we included the name of the inn also Bantam jurere spelling and yurere mirim "as a trademark for numerology issues, to highlight the phrase and give a touch more in name.

The logo is an illustrative example of what is Jureremirim.It depicts the Strait of water in blue and the mainland and the island green, representing the abundance of forests and nature site.

Constantly moving and fitness included in our slogan, to better portray what we intend to move to our guests, our idea of ​​hospitality: "The art of living and welcoming".

Our slogan remains "Where hospitality makes the difference", this hospitality that prevails in our establishment and shares the concept of charm and pleasure it is to be on the beach in Jurere International.

By owning gardens and green areas in the inn, providing our guests direct contact with nature through bird watching, among other animals of the region and through cultural dissemination of the characteristic flora of the Atlantic Forest; to seek a personalized and exclusive service for maximum 27 people; by prioritizing a hospitable and simple model, we think that our slogan and concept to suit Inn Jurere Mirim.

So was chosen thinking about what Pousada Jureremirim aims to provide for our customers, the art of living, receive, hospitality and true happiness, always remembering that it has its address in Jurerê, Florianopolis, in Renato Barbosa Street in the 361!

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