Supporting Mbya Guarani tribe

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The choice of pieces of Indian handicrafts exhibited at Pousada Jureremirim are from the tribe of the Guarani Indians Mbyas meaning people, the Guarani language, whose village is located along the BR-101 highway, the municipality of Palhoça 30 kilometers from Florianópolis.

All Mbya approximately 7,000 in Brazil, are speakers of the original language and follow preserving their religious and traditional rituals.

For carijós Indians, the island was called Meiembipe, translated from the Tupi as mountain along the channel, ie, the view that the Indians had to watch it from the mainland. Have a vision that Indians had the island to the mainland and termed Acutia or narrow channel of water between the mainland and the island was known as Jureremirim, which translated into Portuguese means "small mouth water ".

We mention that the Indians had no written records exist and that their customs and culture were performed over the years by the conquerors, now prays Portuguese Spanish.

Thus, we were left by the Portuguese reports of Jureremirim with J and Y with the Spaniards, and also called for Yureremirim.

Through the name, logo and some parts of Indian handicrafts that are on display and sale at the inn, we seek to awaken within all the spirit of preserving our culture and origin.

We have the collaboration of all to maintain our heritage and culture of our ancestors preserved, so that it can provide memorable experiences to all those who visit the island of Florianópolis.