Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is a destination with extraordinary options for tourism, sports and business.

Due to the diversity of nature and local cultures, it is possible to live and experience different emotions every time.

There are many destinations, itineraries and programs in all regions of the state throughout the year.

The state is divided into nine tourist routes: Florianópolis, Ruta del Sol, Princes Way, Sierra Santa Catarina, European Valley, Valley Contestado Charms South, Great West, The Way of the Canyons.

For sea lovers there are boat rides, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, diving and watching tropical fish, dolphins and even whales Franca options.

For those wishing to explore the local culture, traditional festivals reveal the various ethnic groups who colonized Santa Catarina, among them the Oktoberfest, Fenarreco, Marejada, Fenaostra, Piñon Festival, Dance Festival of Joinville, among other, that reveal through their typical foods, allegorical parades and bandinhas the diversity of its people.

For those who go shopping, Indian handicrafts to the Azores, the state still offers a diversified industrial glassware, china, knitwear and clothing products for bed, bath and table.

Therefore, for all tastes and customs the state of Santa Catarina always have a way to please everyone!