Pousada Jurere - Mirim Jurere - Beach Florianópolis - Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, 88053640, Brazil

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Jurere International where leisure meets luxury!

Beach International Jurere and Jurere together what is best in Florianopolis for your stay and we, the Pousada Jurere Mirim, we are waiting with our usual hospitality and service.

Check out our daily promotions and offers and packages Season 2016 2017 summer 2017 and have come to enjoy Jurere International at the best price, the best and most famous beach in the south.The most desired destination of the Brazilian coast.
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And other events, Wanton Stage Music Park, Arena Jurere, club Pacha Floripa, Posh Club, Milk, Parador 12 P12, Music Square, Garden, Terraza, Fields, or concerts at the Auditorium Jurerê Classic Music Player in Jurere International.See blueticket!

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Does not matter! Where...what...
On here...each moment, each event, each location...its special!

Wherever you go...Jurere International or jurere......at any time...

Pousada Jureremirim Jurere Mirim the best of the hotels your hostel...Jurere International!

Pousada Jurere Mirim located in the vicinity of the best and prinicipais inns and hotels of Jurere and Jurere International as Hotel and Resort Il Campanile, Pousada dos Sonhos, Hotel Seven Islands Hotel Jurere Beach Village Hotel Boutique Villas del Sol y Mar, Pousada dos teas.

His point of departure and arrival, your hosting, landing, accommodation, hotel or guesthouse in Jurere International Beach.Your best choice in hotels and inns in the region.Its extension of Ibis in Florianopolis as cost benefit in Jurere.

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  • Jurere Internacional

... Jurere Jurere International lo mejor de la Isla de Santa Catarina! Floripa! Isla de La Magia!

Ensure un verano inolvidable en la Playa de Jurere. Verano 2017 en Floripa! Verano 2017 en Jurere International.

Venga para la Playa de Jurere en las next vacaciones 2016, 2017, sea Enero, Febrero, Marzo, Abril, Mayo, Junio, Julio, Agosto, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre, Diciembre .... Nosotros are su opcion of posada, alojamiento, hotel, inn, Jurerê International.

Lo mejor de la isla de Santa Catarina: Posada Jurere Mirim

  • Praia Jurere Internacional

Jurerebeach..Enjoy the best beach !!

Spend your vacations in Jurere Beach and Jurere International.One of the most beautiful beaches of Florianopolis...., You will find comfort and personalized service at the Inn Jureremirim.Will be a pleasure receveid you....

We want be your hotel in Jurere International.....your confort in Florianópolis.We want be your hotel in Jurere Internacional, Florianopolis, Brazil...Brasilien !!!

Find here our accommodation in Jurere and Go Brazil.

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The best place in Jurere to stay for, high season, New Year 2017 and Ironman Brazil 2017 Ironman Brazil 2017

Plan come to Brazil and visit Florianopolis too!

Hotel, Hotels, Guest House, Inn Florianopolis, Jurere...Jurere Beach, high season 2017 and summer time in 2017 in Jurere International.

Jurere Mirim Inn - Guest House....the best for you in Florianopolis.

Jurere Beach, book here the best option...fantastic range deals and offers!

Pousada Jurere - Mirim Jurere - Beach Florianópolis
Rua Professor Renato Barbosa, 361, Jurere Beach near Jurere International
Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, 88053640, Brazil
Call: Phone +55 48 3282-0282 |Celular +55 48 9911-5184
Fax +55 48 3282-0282 | Whatszapp +55 48 9911-5184


Pousada Jureremirim - Jurere Beach - Florianopolis - Brazil

One of the most beautiful beaches of Florianópolis on the northern of the island you find the Pousada JurereMirim, only 2 blocks from the sea and the border of Jurere International Beach. A place where you enjoy tranquility, comfort and personalized service. Pousada Jureremirim has 9 meeting rooms and suites in a personalized way, maximum 27 guests with exclusive service. The Jurere International and Jurere beach are the best options in Florianopolis for your stay and we at the Pousada Jureremirim, are waiting for you with our usual hospitality and service.